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Detects 'Path Disclosure' vulnerability in DedeCMS affects v. 5.7.


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DedeCMS is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to easily create and manage their websites without having to possess any coding skills. This software is primarily used by individuals and small to medium-sized businesses for maintaining a professional online presence. DedeCMS boasts an interactive interface, full-board functions, and robust security features allowing users to customize their websites as per their needs.

CVE-2018-6910 is a vulnerability detected in DedeCMS 5.7 that allows remote attackers to discover the full path via a direct request for include/ or inc/inc_archives_functions.php. This vulnerability grants unauthorized access to website data and can result in attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, or inaccessibility to the website. The mere presence of such a vulnerability can lead to data leakage or theft, and at worst, a potential breach of sensitive business information.

Exploiting this vulnerability could mean that an attacker gains unauthorized access to the website and its database, retrieves confidential information, installs malware, defaces the website, or even uses the compromised website to distribute malicious code to site visitors. Similarly, if an attacker gains access to an admin account, they can carry out numerous malicious acts and harm a business's online reputation and operations.

In conclusion, the safety of digital assets is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. provides a comprehensive platform that can scan digital assets for vulnerabilities such as CVE-2018-6910 and other exploits that could compromise their security. By taking advantage of pro features, readers of this article can rest easy knowing their online assets and information remain secure and protected against potential data breaches.



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