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DedeCMS 5.8.1-beta Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in DedeCMS v5.8.1-beta


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DedeCMS 5.8.1-beta Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Scanner Detail

DedeCMS is a widely used content management system that enables the creation and management of websites for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Its flexibility and extensive features make it a preferred choice for developing dynamic and interactive websites. The platform is particularly popular in the Chinese market, where it supports a vast number of web applications ranging from blogs to large-scale commercial websites. DedeCMS is known for its user-friendly interface and rich plugin ecosystem, facilitating custom web development and content management.

DedeCMS version 5.8.1-beta contains a critical vulnerability that allows for remote code execution. This security flaw arises from a variable override issue that can be exploited to inject and execute arbitrary code on the server without proper authorization. The vulnerability is particularly severe because it enables attackers to bypass authentication mechanisms, potentially leading to unauthorized access to sensitive information, data modification, or complete system compromise.

The vulnerability is present in the 'flink.php' file, where the application fails to adequately validate user-supplied input for the 'dopost' and 'c' parameters. This oversight allows attackers to craft malicious requests that can execute arbitrary PHP code on the server. Specifically, by manipulating the HTTP request and exploiting the template file inclusion mechanism, attackers can execute system commands or deploy malicious scripts, thus gaining unauthorized access to the system.

Successful exploitation of this RCE vulnerability could have devastating consequences, including unauthorized access to the web server, exposure of sensitive data, website defacement, and the potential for further network compromise. Attackers could leverage this access to deploy malware, create backdoors, or perform other malicious activities, thereby undermining the security and integrity of the affected website and its underlying data.

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