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DedeCMS Local File Inclusion Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in DedeCMS v5.6


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DedeCMS Local File Inclusion Vulnerability Scanner Detail

DedeCMS is widely used for creating and managing websites, particularly popular in small to medium-sized enterprises and personal blogs. This software provides a platform for users to easily publish, edit, and organize content. Given its ease of use and extensive features, it has become a preferred choice for non-technical users looking to establish an online presence. However, its accessibility also makes it a target for attackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for malicious purposes. DedeCMS v5.6, the version in question, includes various functionalities that enhance user experience but has been found vulnerable to specific security risks.

The Local File Inclusion (LFI) vulnerability in DedeCMS v5.6 allows attackers to include files on a server through the web browser. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive files or even execution of malicious scripts within the server context. The vulnerability specifically exists in the 'carbuyaction.php' endpoint through the misuse of the 'code' parameter. Exploiting this vulnerability can compromise the integrity and security of the website, leading to potential data breaches and system compromise.

In DedeCMS v5.6, the LFI vulnerability is present in the 'carbuyaction.php' file, which fails to properly sanitize user input for the 'code' parameter. This flaw allows attackers to traverse the file system and access files that are not intended to be publicly accessible. By manipulating the URL to include '../' sequences, attackers can navigate the server's directory structure and read files, or potentially execute arbitrary PHP code if the server is improperly configured. This vulnerability poses a significant risk as it can be exploited remotely without authentication.

Exploitation of the LFI vulnerability in DedeCMS can lead to various negative outcomes, including unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, such as database credentials and configuration files. Attackers could leverage this vulnerability to gain a foothold within the server, escalate privileges, and potentially gain control over the website and its underlying server. This could result in the alteration or deletion of content, distribution of malware, or further attacks against users of the affected website.

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