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DEOS OPEN 500EMS Controller Admin Exposure Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Unauthorized Admin Access' vulnerability in DEOS OPEN 500EMS Controller


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The DEOS OPEN 500EMS Controller is a sophisticated building management system used to monitor and control a building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. This controller is widely used in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other facilities for efficient building operations. It provides administrators with the ability to manage building systems remotely, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. However, this powerful tool requires stringent security measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety and privacy of the managed facilities.

The DEOS OPEN 500EMS Controller has been identified to have a critical vulnerability that allows for unauthorized administrative access without authentication. This vulnerability exposes sensitive information and administrative functions to potential attackers, who could manipulate building controls or access confidential data. The absence of authentication mechanisms for accessing administrative functions poses a significant risk, as it can lead to unauthorized control over building systems, potentially endangering the occupants and operations of the facility.

The vulnerability is manifested through the exposure of administrative functions via specific CGI scripts (cosmobdf.cgi) accessible without proper authentication. By accessing these scripts directly through crafted URLs, attackers can bypass login mechanisms and gain access to the system's control panel. This vulnerability enables unauthorized users to view and potentially modify the system settings, control building operations, and access sensitive information without any credentials.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to a range of adverse effects, including but not limited to unauthorized access to the system's control panel, manipulation of building systems, disruption of facility operations, and access to sensitive information. In a worst-case scenario, attackers could leverage this access to inflict physical damage, disrupt operations, or compromise the safety of the building's occupants.

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