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Discuz! X2.5 Path Disclosure Vulnerability Scanner Detail

Discuz! X2.5 is a widely used forum software that facilitates the creation and management of online communities. It offers a range of features to enable discussions, content sharing, and community building. Used by many websites globally, Discuz! is popular among webmasters for its flexibility, extensibility, and user-friendly administration panel. This software supports various plugins and themes, making it adaptable to different needs and preferences. However, being a widely used platform, it is crucial to ensure that it is secure and free from vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive information.

The Path Disclosure vulnerability in Discuz! X2.5 arises when the software improperly handles certain inputs, revealing the file system path of the server. This issue typically occurs when an attacker crafts a specific request to the application. Revealing the path information can give attackers clues about the server's directory structure, underlying technologies, or potentially sensitive files, aiding in further attacks.

Specifically, the vulnerability is triggered by accessing the 'api.php' file with a malformed 'mod[]' parameter. When the parameter is manipulated in a certain way, the software responds with an error message that includes the full path to the script on the server. This unintended disclosure of internal paths can be used by attackers to gain insights into the server's file system structure, which could facilitate further exploitation or reconnaissance activities.

The primary risk of path disclosure vulnerabilities lies in the information they reveal to potential attackers. By understanding the server's directory structure, attackers can tailor further attacks, such as directory traversal, file inclusion, or targeted exploitation of other known vulnerabilities. Although path disclosure itself may not directly lead to a system compromise, it is a piece of the puzzle that attackers can use in combination with other vulnerabilities.

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