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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Doctor Appointment System affects v. 1.0.


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The Doctor Appointment System is a digital platform designed to facilitate the scheduling and management of medical appointments. It is widely used by healthcare providers to offer a streamlined booking process for their patients. This software enhances the efficiency of appointment management, reduces the administrative burden on staff, and improves the overall patient experience. By digitizing the appointment scheduling process, it aims to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone involved. The system is integral to modern healthcare practices, offering features such as appointment reminders, online booking, and patient management.

The vulnerability exists due to insufficient input validation and sanitization of the lastname field in the contact form. By sending specially crafted input to the contactus.php page, an attacker can manipulate SQL queries executed by the backend database. This could enable the attacker to extract sensitive information from the database, manipulate data, or even gain unauthorized access to the system. The exploitation does not require authentication, making it accessible to any remote attacker who can send requests to the affected page. The impact of this vulnerability underscores the need for robust input validation and sanitization practices in web applications.

The exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can lead to several adverse effects, including unauthorized access to sensitive data stored in the system's database, such as patient records, appointment details, and personal information. It could also result in the manipulation or deletion of critical data, disrupting the system's operations and potentially causing a denial of service. The breach of data confidentiality and integrity could have legal and reputational repercussions for healthcare providers using the compromised system.

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