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CVE-2018-19915 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in DomainMOD affects v. through 4.11.01.


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CVE-2018-19915 Scanner Detail

DomainMOD is a web-based domain name management software that allows users to manage their domain portfolios, whois records, DNS records, and SSL certificates from a single centralized platform. It offers features such as domain name registration, bulk domain management, and automated domain expiry notifications.

However, the software has recently been found to have a security vulnerability- CVE-2018-19915. This vulnerability arises when attackers inject malicious code into the "Web Host Name" or "Web Host URL" fields in the "assets/edit/host.php" section.

When this vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to the injection of malicious code into a user's website, which can compromise the security of their entire domain name management system. This can result in the unauthorized access to sensitive data, website defacement, hijacking, and even complete system takeover.

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