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Understanding Apache Doris and Its Uses

Apache Doris is a modern, high-performance analytical database designed for real-time data warehousing and analytics [1]. It stands out for its simplicity of use and its ability to process big data analytics at impressive speeds due to its Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture. This open-source platform can integrate data from various sources, such as relational databases, and allows for rapid reporting and data analysis [2][3].

Disadvantages of Exposing the Doris Panel to the Internet

While Apache Doris offers remarkable benefits for data management and analytics, exposing the Doris Panel to the internet can lead to potential security risks. The Doris Panel, which provides administrative access to manage and interact with the database, should be secured adequately to prevent unauthorized access. Leaving it open to the internet can result in:

  • Sensitive Data Exposure: Unprotected panels can be leveraged to gain access to sensitive company data.
  • Unauthorized Changes: Attackers might alter data or analytics processes, compromising data integrity.
  • System Compromise: With administrative access, an attacker could potentially take control of the entire database.

Cyber Attacks and Their Impact on Companies

When the Doris Panel page is exposed, cyber attackers can carry out various malicious activities such as:

  1. SQL Injection: Attackers could perform SQL injection attacks to manipulate or steal data [4].
  2. Denial of Service (DoS): Overloading the panel with requests could make it unavailable for legitimate users, halting analytics operations.
  3. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): If security is lax, attackers could inject scripts that compromise user sessions or steal credentials.

These attacks could lead to significant financial loss, tarnish a company's reputation, and breach trust with stakeholders and customers.

Benefits of Using securityforeveryone

For readers not already utilizing the securityforeveryone platform, this platform offers a Continuous Threat Exposure Management service. By employing this platform, businesses can:

  • Systematically identify security weaknesses across digital assets.
  • Receive detailed reports and actionable precautions to mitigate identified vulnerabilities.
  • Enhance their overall cybersecurity posture by staying ahead of potential threats.



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