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CVE-2022-26352 Scanner

Detects 'Unrestricted File Upload' vulnerability in dotCMS affects v. 3.0 through 22.02.


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DotCMS is a popular content management system used for creating and managing websites, intranets, and other digital assets. It allows organizations to efficiently publish and update content across various platforms, including web, mobile, and social media. DotCMS provides a wide range of functionalities, including content authoring, workflow management, personalization, and integration with third-party systems.

One of the recent vulnerabilities detected in dotCMS is CVE-2022-26352. This vulnerability allows attackers to exploit a flaw in the ContentResource API, which processes multipart form requests to upload files. The issue arises when the API fails to sanitize the file names, allowing attackers to use directory traversal techniques to save files outside the intended storage location. If anonymous content creation is enabled, unauthenticated attackers can upload malicious files, such as .jsp files, that can result in remote code execution.

The exploitation of CVE-2022-26352 can lead to severe consequences for organizations using dotCMS. Attackers can gain unauthorized access to systems, steal sensitive information, or launch DDoS attacks. They can also take advantage of the compromised systems to distribute malware or launch attacks on other systems. Organizations may face reputational damage, legal liabilities, or financial loss due to the impact of such cyberattacks.

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