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CVE-2024-29059 scanner - Information Disclosure vulnerability in .NET Framework


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.NET Framework is a software development platform developed by Microsoft. It is widely used for building and running applications on Windows. Developers use it to create web, desktop, and mobile applications. Businesses and enterprises rely on .NET Framework for building scalable and robust software solutions. It is an essential component in many enterprise environments for its support of multiple programming languages and libraries.

The Information Disclosure vulnerability in .NET Framework allows attackers to leak sensitive information. This can be exploited via HTTP .NET Remoting. The vulnerability is classified as high severity due to its potential impact. Exploitation can lead to unauthorized access to confidential data.

The vulnerability exists in the .NET Remoting service of the .NET Framework. Attackers can exploit it by sending specially crafted HTTP requests. The vulnerable endpoint is "/RemoteApplicationMetadata.rem" which leaks ObjRefs. By leveraging these ObjRefs, attackers can gain access to sensitive data. The vulnerability allows attackers to manipulate the ObjRef and retrieve unauthorized information.

If exploited, this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information. Attackers can potentially gain insights into the internal workings of the application. This can be used for further attacks or information gathering. The leaked data can include configuration details, internal network information, and potentially user data.

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