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CVE-2020-8515 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in DrayTek Vigor2960, Vigor3900, Vigor300B affects v. Vigor2960 1.3.1_Beta, Vigor3900 1.4.4_Beta, and Vigor300B 1.3.3_Beta,, and 1.4.4_Beta.


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The DrayTek Vigor2960, Vigor3900, and Vigor300B devices are multi-WAN routers suitable for small and medium businesses that require reliable and secure VPN connectivity. These routers feature high-performance hardware, advanced security protocols, and a user-friendly web interface that allows network administrators to configure complex network setups with just a few clicks. The DrayTek routers are used by companies for critical applications such as remote working, video conferencing, and cloud computing.

The CVE-2020-8515 vulnerability detected in DrayTek routers allows remote code execution as a root user without the need for authentication. This vulnerability can be exploited through shell metacharacters to the cgi-bin/mainfunction.cgi URI. Hackers can send a malicious payload to the router, which the device automatically processes and executes. This vulnerability may lead to severe damage to the victim's network, including data loss, data theft, and network shutdown.

When exploited, CVE-2020-8515 vulnerability can enable attackers to gain root privileges, bypass security checks, and execute arbitrary code on the affected DrayTek routers. This means attackers can take complete control of both the router and the network that the router serves, leading to all network traffic being intercepted and exposed. Breaching the security of the network can result in a loss of sensitive information, ultimately exposing the company to financial and reputational damage.

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