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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in E-Search plugin for WordPress affects v. 1.0.


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The E-Search plugin is a widely used WordPress utility designed to make searching easier for users by bringing much-needed flexibility and efficiency. It’s an all-in-one product that enables users to search for content from across their entire WordPress site, with the added bonus of an autocomplete feature that suggests keywords as you type. The plugin's popularity is no surprise given that site owners aim to provide an optimal experience for their guests to ensure traffic retention.

CVE-2016-1000130 is a vulnerability discovered in the E-Search plugin for WordPress and it affects version 1.0 of the plugin. The vulnerability is classified as a Reflected XSS, meaning it permits an attacker to inject harmful code, typically in the form of a script, using a web application form or other input mechanism to another user's browser. In this case, the attacker would just add the script at the end of the URL string, and when the plugin is executed, the user is enticed into clicking the link.

When the vulnerability is exploited, a victim may not even realize that they have been attacked because no clear signs of intrusion are evident. Nonetheless, once a user clicks on the link, the attacker can execute malicious code on the victims' system, hijack their web sessions, and steal the victims' login credentials and other sensitive information such as credit card details, among other things.

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