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CVE-2016-1000131 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in E-Search plugin for WordPress affects v. 1.0.


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The E-Search plugin for WordPress is a tool designed to enhance the search functionality of WordPress websites. It aims to improve site visitors’ ease of use, allowing them to find relevant content quickly. With this plugin, users can easily customize search results and redirect users to their preferred pages, ensuring that visitors find what they are looking for.

CVE-2016-1000131 is a critical vulnerability detected in this plugin. The flaw allows hackers to launch a reflected XSS attack on WordPress sites, thereby injecting and executing malicious code onto the victim’s browser. Such an attack can result in the leaking of sensitive data, including login credentials, payment information, and other personal details.

When exploited, CVE-2016-1000131 could cause significant damage to a site owner, including tarnishing their reputation and financial losses. An attacker can use the vulnerability to install malware, hijack sessions or redirect visitors to phishing sites. This exploit can happen without the user's knowledge, resulting in unsuspected loss of information and further damage; hence, it is essential to take precautionary measures.

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