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EasyJOB Panel Scanner

This scanner is designed to detect the presence of the EasyJOB login panel, a key component of the EasyJOB software suite by Because Software. Detecting this panel helps in confirming the software's deployment and aids in securing the application against unauthorized access.


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Vulnerability Overview

The EasyJOB login panel serves as the entry point for users to access the EasyJOB software suite. While not a vulnerability in itself, the presence of the panel can indicate the application's deployment and may attract attackers if not properly secured.

Vulnerability Details

The scanner attempts to locate the EasyJOB login panel by requesting the "/easy/app/Account/Login" path and searching for specific text and links related to EasyJOB and Because Software. A successful detection confirms the application's presence, allowing for further security measures.

Possible Effects

An exposed EasyJOB login panel, if not secured with strong authentication and encryption, could be targeted by attackers aiming to gain unauthorized access to the software suite, leading to potential data breaches and unauthorized operations.

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