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CVE-2021-41460 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in ECShop affects v. 4.1.0.


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ECShop is a popular e-commerce platform designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive and efficient online store solution. Developed by ShopEx, it offers a wide range of features including product management, order processing, and customer relationship management. ECShop is widely used by online retailers to create customizable and scalable online stores, catering to various business sizes and needs. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionality make it a favored choice for businesses looking to establish or expand their e-commerce presence.

The vulnerability is present in the 'delete_cart_goods.php' file, where input parameters are not properly sanitized before being executed as SQL queries. By injecting malicious SQL code into the 'id' parameter, attackers can manipulate the database query to execute arbitrary SQL commands. This could lead to unauthorized reading, updating, or deleting data in the database. The exploitation of this vulnerability underscores the importance of validating and sanitizing all user inputs to prevent injection attacks.

Exploiting this SQL Injection vulnerability could result in severe consequences for affected e-commerce platforms. Attackers could gain unauthorized access to sensitive customer data, including personal information and payment details. Additionally, attackers could manipulate product listings, alter prices, or even redirect payments to fraudulent accounts. Such breaches not only compromise the security and privacy of the users but also damage the reputation and trustworthiness of the platform.

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