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How much do you think a person can retrieve information about the e-mail accounts related to your company or website? Check our tool for how much information can be obtained about your e-mails.

What is Email Harvester?

Email extractor is a tool that collects e-mails related to your company or website.

What can attacker do with my e-mail?

There are multiple methods for a hacker to use your e-mail found on internet for malicious purposes. To get your password, brute-force attacks can be applied. Attacker can check leaked passwords associated with your account. Moreover, to access your system, phishing mails can be sent.

Some Advice for Common Problems

  • Change your e-mail password regularly and choose strong password.
  • Be aware of phishing attacks.
  • Check regularly if your password leaked or not.
  • If e-mail is not used anymore, it should be closed

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