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Detects 'Arbitrary File Download' vulnerability in EventON Lite affects v. < 2.1.2


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EventON Lite is a WordPress plugin designed to provide website owners with an elegant and interactive calendar solution for their sites. It allows for the creation, management, and display of various events within a visually appealing calendar layout. This plugin is widely used by WordPress users who need to manage events, such as conferences, meetings, or any other types of gatherings directly on their websites. EventON Lite offers features like event listings, detailed event pages, and the ability to categorize events, making it a popular choice for businesses, community groups, and individuals seeking to enhance their site's functionality with event management capabilities.

The Arbitrary File Download vulnerability in versions of EventON Lite prior to 2.1.2 poses a security risk to websites using the plugin. It arises from insufficient validation of the event_id parameter within the eventon_ics_download ajax action, enabling unauthenticated users to download any post content in the form of an iCalendar (.ics) file. This issue could allow attackers to access sensitive information contained in unpublished or protected posts by simply altering the numeric ID of the post, leading to unauthorized disclosure of information.

Specifically, the flaw is due to the plugin's failure to ensure that the supplied event_id corresponds to a valid event before generating the .ics file. As a result, by crafting a specific request with a manipulated event_id parameter, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to download the contents of any post available on the WordPress site. This includes accessing metadata and content of posts that were not intended for public view, such as draft, private, or password-protected posts, exposing sensitive information.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to unauthorized access and disclosure of potentially sensitive information stored in posts on a WordPress site. This may include confidential event details, private communications, or any other information that was not meant to be publicly accessible. Such exposure could lead to privacy breaches, compliance issues, and potentially damage the reputation of the site owner or organization.

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