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Detects 'Unrestricted File Upload' vulnerability in blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload affects v. 9.22.0 and before.


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Blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload is a popular open-source tool used to upload files to servers through a web interface. It's used by many web developers all over the world because of its clean and user-friendly interface. The product is designed to work with various web applications and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. It's also capable of dynamically loading images and videos through Ajax, as well as supporting multiple file uploads.

Recently, a serious vulnerability has been detected in the software, known as the CVE-2018-9206 vulnerability. This vulnerability allows attackers to upload and execute malicious files on the targeted server. The issue arises due to the lack of file validation and exclusion of file types. As a result, attackers can upload a malicious file with a disguised extension, and the server accepts it without any sort of validation, resulting in an attack.

This vulnerability is extremely dangerous because it provides attackers an opportunity to take control of the server entirely. They can execute code, read sensitive information, modify files, and even delete them entirely. The vulnerability can be exploited remotely and provides attackers with a wide range of possibilities to exploit the server.

It's essential to take all the necessary precautions to prevent attackers from exploiting CVE-2018-9206. Among all the above precautions, the best way to protect yourself from such vulnerabilities is by using an automated vulnerability scanner. provides an efficient and easy-to-use vulnerability scanner that efficiently scans your digital assets for any vulnerabilities. It's an excellent tool for web developers to detect and patch vulnerabilities in their web applications. With the pro features of, everyone can easily and quickly learn about these critical vulnerabilities in their digital assets, and take the necessary precautions to protect against them.



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