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CVE-2022-1398 Scanner

Detects 'Authenticated Blind Server-Side Request Forgery' vulnerability in External Media without Import affects v. <=1.1.2


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The External Media without Import plugin for WordPress allows users to add media to their website from external URLs without having to import the media into the WordPress media library. It is intended for website administrators and content creators who wish to streamline their content management process by linking directly to external media. This functionality is particularly useful for websites that frequently update their content with images, videos, and other media from external sources. The plugin simplifies the process of using external media, making it more efficient and less resource-intensive for websites. It is a popular tool among WordPress users for its convenience and utility in content management.

The SSRF vulnerability is triggered when a user submits a request to add external media through the plugin's functionality. The plugin fails to adequately verify if the submitted URLs are genuinely external media and does not check the user's authorization to perform the action. This oversight allows attackers to craft malicious URLs that can cause the server to interact with unintended internal or external services. The flaw is particularly concerning because it can be exploited by any authenticated user, making it a significant risk for websites with open registration.

Exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to several adverse effects, including the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information from internal network resources accessible to the server. Attackers could also leverage this flaw to perform port scanning of internal networks, facilitating further attacks. In some cases, if the server can interact with other services that interpret the incoming requests as commands, it could lead to more severe attacks, such as data manipulation or remote code execution, depending on the nature of the accessed service.

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