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Fastjson 1.2.62 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in Fastjson version 1.2.62


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Fastjson 1.2.62 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Scanner Detail

Fastjson 1.2.62 is a version of the widely used Fastjson library for Java, designed for parsing, generating, and manipulating JSON data efficiently. This library is employed in various Java applications across different sectors due to its high performance and comprehensive features for handling JSON format data. It is particularly popular in web applications, data interchange processes, and services where quick and efficient data processing is crucial. However, this version has been found to contain a critical security vulnerability that poses a significant risk to applications using it.

The critical vulnerability in Fastjson 1.2.62 allows for remote code execution through deserialization of untrusted data. This vulnerability enables attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server by crafting malicious JSON payloads that exploit the library's deserialization mechanism. Such a flaw can lead to complete system compromise, granting attackers the ability to control affected systems remotely. The CVSS score of 10 reflects the high severity and potential impact of this vulnerability, emphasizing the urgency of addressing it.

This RCE vulnerability exploits the deserialization process within Fastjson when processing JSON data containing Java class type information. Specifically, the vulnerability leverages the @type key to invoke the org.apache.xbean.propertyeditor.JndiConverter class, which can then be used to execute malicious code through a crafted RMI (Remote Method Invocation) URL. This attack bypasses normal security checks, leading to unauthorized remote code execution without any user interaction or authentication.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have devastating consequences, including unauthorized access to sensitive information, system compromise, and potential lateral movement within the network. Attackers could deploy malware, exfiltrate data, or create backdoors for future access. The ability to execute code remotely significantly increases the risk to affected systems and requires immediate attention to mitigate potential damages.

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