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CVE-2017-11586 Scanner

Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in FineCMS affects v. 5.0.9.


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FineCMS is a popular content management system used by many websites around the world. Designed to be simple and user-friendly, FineCMS offers a range of useful features and tools that make it easy to manage online content. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, FineCMS is a popular choice for businesses and organizations that need a reliable and effective platform for their web content management needs.

However, despite its many benefits, FineCMS is not immune to security vulnerabilities, such as the CVE-2017-11586 vulnerability. This particular vulnerability relates to the URL Redirector Abuse, which occurs when the user inputs the url parameter in a sync action within the controllers/Weixin.php file. This vulnerability can potentially allow attackers to redirect users to malicious websites, phishing pages, or other harmful content.

When exploited, the CVE-2017-11586 vulnerability can lead to serious security threats for website owners, administrators, and users alike. Through URL Redirector Abuse, attackers could easily compromise the privacy and confidentiality of users' sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and personal data. Additionally, attackers could potentially gain unauthorized access to critical systems, inject malware or other harmful code, or engage in other harmful activities that could result in financial loss or reputational damage.

By following these precautions and staying informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, website owners and administrators can help protect themselves and their users from harm. With the pro features of the platform, staying informed and up-to-date on the latest threats is easier and more convenient than ever before. By prioritizing website security and taking proactive steps to protect against vulnerabilities like CVE-2017-11586, we can help ensure the safety and security of our digital assets for years to come.



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