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CVE-2022-3934 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in FlatPM plugin for WordPress affects v. before 3.0.13.


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FlatPM is a WordPress plugin designed to streamline project management for teams working on a website. This tool helps users manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with other team members in real-time. FlatPM is an excellent choice for businesses that require efficient project management and improved workflow.

However, the use of FlatPM WordPress plugin before version 3.0.13 creates a significant vulnerability in the system, which can compromise the security of high privilege users like admin. This vulnerability is identified as Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), which means that an attacker can inject a malicious script into a web page. When unsuspecting users visit that page, the script executes, allowing the attacker to gain access to sensitive user information like login credentials, session cookies, and other sensitive data.

Exploiting this vulnerability allows attackers to gain unauthorized access to the system. They could be anyone, ranging from hackers to other individuals with malicious intent. Attackers who exploit this vulnerability can initiate attacks that could harm businesses by compromising their critical information, damaging their reputation, and violating data protection regulations.

Thanks to the pro features of the platform, businesses can keep their digital assets secure and easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their systems. With advanced features like continuous vulnerability scanning and monitoring, businesses can find vulnerabilities in their assets before attackers do. This way, they can take proactive steps to keep their systems secure and maintain their reputation.



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