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FortiAuthenticator Detection Scanner

This scanner detects the use of FortiAuthenticator in digital assets.


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FortiAuthenticator Detection Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

FortiAuthenticator serves as a central point for authentication within the Fortinet ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with FortiGate, FortiToken, and other Fortinet products. It's essential for managing secure user access and authentication policies.

Vulnerability Details

The scanner checks for specific endpoints and responses that are unique to the FortiAuthenticator API, such as /api/v1 path, which provides insights into the available API endpoints and their schemas. Detection of these elements indicates the presence of FortiAuthenticator.

Possible Effects

While the detection of FortiAuthenticator itself does not indicate a vulnerability, unauthorized access to this panel could lead to security breaches. It's crucial for network administrators to secure access to the FortiAuthenticator panel to prevent potential exploits.

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  • Fortinet Official Documentation on FortiAuthenticator
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