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CVE-2021-33544 Scanner

Detects 'Command Injection' vulnerability in Geutebrück E2 Series and Encoder G-Code affects v. EBC-21xx, EBC-21xx, EFD-22xx, EFD-22xx, ETHC-22xx, ETHC-22xx, EWPC-22xx, EWPC-22xx, from EBC-21xx through, from EFD-22xx through, from ETHC-22xx through, from EWPC-22xx through


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The Geutebrück E2 Series and Encoder G-Code software is commonly used in multiple camera devices by UDP Technology and other vendors. The software is designed for secure video management and recording purposes. It is known for its advanced features such as encrypted data transmission, high-resolution video recording, and remote access capabilities, making it a top choice for security professionals and businesses.

However, the software has recently been detected with a critical vulnerability known as CVE-2021-33544. This vulnerability exists in the software's handling of user input, specifically in the parameter handling for a CGI script. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by sending malicious input to the system, leading to Command Injection, which allows them to execute arbitrary code remotely and take control of the affected system.

The exploitation of CVE-2021-33544 can lead to numerous consequences, including unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems. This could result in the loss or theft of confidential information, loss of business, damage to reputation, and even legal action against the affected organization. Attackers can also use this vulnerability to launch further attacks such as network reconnaissance and lateral movement, leading to a more significant breach.

In conclusion, the detection of CVE-2021-33544 highlights the importance of regular vulnerability assessments and addressing any findings promptly. By utilizing the pro features of the platform, individuals can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and mitigate them effectively. Regularly keeping up with the latest security updates and implementing necessary security measures is the key to safeguarding businesses and crucial data.



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