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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in Gitea affects v. < 1.16.5


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Gitea is an open-source software forging platform designed for hosting collaborative software development projects. It provides a robust and efficient environment for managing Git repositories, issue tracking, and code review. Gitea is favored for its lightweight nature, ease of installation, and flexibility in deployment, making it suitable for both small-scale projects and large enterprises. Its community-driven development ensures continuous improvement and responsiveness to the needs of its users. The platform's vulnerability to open redirects presents a significant security risk that requires timely remediation to protect users and data.

Specifically, the vulnerability arises due to insufficient validation of URL parameters used in the login process. An attacker can manipulate the redirect parameters to cause the application to send the user to an external, attacker-controlled website after a successful login attempt. This can be particularly effective in phishing campaigns where the attacker aims to capture sensitive information or deliver malicious payloads. The exploitation of this vulnerability does not require authenticated access, making it a considerable threat to Gitea installations worldwide.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to several adverse effects, including the compromise of user credentials, exposure of sensitive information, and potential malware infection. Users may be unknowingly redirected to phishing or malicious sites, leading to further compromise of personal or organizational security. The credibility and trust in the Gitea platform may also be undermined, affecting user confidence and adoption.

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