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Detects 'Hard-Coded Password' vulnerability in GitLab affects v. 14.7 prior to 14.7.7, 14.8 prior to 14.8.5, and 14.9 prior to 14.9.2.


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GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager that provides version control, continuous integration and deployment, issue tracking, and more. It is used by developers to manage their source code, collaborate with team members, and automate their workflows. GitLab is trusted by thousands of organizations around the world, including some of the biggest names in tech.

The CVE-2022-1162 vulnerability is a serious issue that affects GitLab CE/EE versions 14.7 prior to 14.7.7, 14.8 prior to 14.8.5, and 14.9 prior to 14.9.2. This vulnerability relates to the use of a hardcoded password that was set for accounts registered using an OmniAuth provider (such as OAuth, LDAP, or SAML). Attackers can potentially exploit this vulnerability to take over accounts, gaining access to sensitive information and compromising the integrity of the system.

When this vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to significant damage for individuals and organizations. Attackers could potentially gain access to confidential information, steal sensitive data, and tamper with critical systems. This could result in financial losses, reputational damage, and other serious consequences. It is essential that organizations take immediate action to protect their digital assets and prevent such attacks from happening.

By leveraging the pro features of the platform, readers can quickly and easily learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and take proactive measures to protect them. With comprehensive threat intelligence and real-time alerts, this platform ensures that organizations stay ahead of emerging threats and secure their systems against potential attacks. It is an essential tool for any organization looking to maintain the highest level of digital security and safeguard their digital assets.



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