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CVE-2021-4191 Scanner

Detects 'User Enumeration' vulnerability in GitLab affects v. 13.0 to 14.6.5, 14.7 to 14.7.4, and 14.8 to 14.8.2.


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GitLab is an open-source Git repository management system that aids in the seamless deployment and management of software development projects. It offers a range of features, including in-built CI/CD support, project management tools, and code review options. GitLab is a modern, cloud-native solution that helps companies develop and deploy software quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Recently, a CVE-2021-4191 vulnerability has been detected in GitLab, affecting versions 13.0 to 14.6.5, 14.7 to 14.7.4, and 14.8 to 14.8.2. The issue revolves around private GitLab instances that have restricted sign-ups. This vulnerability could allow unauthenticated users to exploit the GraphQL API and perform user enumeration.

Exploiting the CVE-2021-4191 vulnerability could have severe consequences. It can lead to unauthenticated users gaining access to sensitive user data, such as usernames and email addresses, hosted on GitLab. Attackers may also use this information to launch further attacks on the company's infrastructure, leading to a potential data breach.

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