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CVE-2018-1000533 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in GitList affects v. 0.6 and before.


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CVE-2018-1000533 Scanner Detail

GitList is a web-based application that provides a platform for browsing repositories, viewing files, and for syntax highlighting Git repositories. The software is used by developers to manage their projects, allowing them to easily access and track changes made to their source code. GitList also offers support for multiple Git repositories, authorizations, and integration with the Git user interface.

The CVE-2018-1000533 vulnerability was detected in GitList version <= 0.6, where an incorrectly sanitized system function rendered the software open to remote code execution. This vulnerability was caused by the inappropriate input sanitization in the "searchTree" function, which when prompted with malious code can execute any code as the PHP user. This vulnerability was first identified by a security expert, Mathias Karlsson, in May 2018, after which the GitList community released a security update to fix the issue.

Exploitation of the CVE-2018-1000533 vulnerability can lead to unforeseen negative consequences. Hackers can use the vulnerability to abuse and exploit target systems, allowing them to execute any code on the victim's machine. This means that they can gain access to sensitive and confidential data stored in the system. Additionally, they can launch attacks on other connected systems, spread malware, disrupt services provided by the affected system, and even compromise the security of the whole network.

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