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Glodon Linkworks GWGdWebService SQL Injection Scanner

This scanner is designed to detect SQL injection vulnerabilities in the GWGdWebService interface of Glodon Linkworks office OA, allowing for unauthorized access to sensitive database information through malicious SQL queries.


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Glodon Linkworks GWGdWebService SQL Injection Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

SQL injection vulnerabilities allow attackers to manipulate database queries through the GWGdWebService interface, leading to unauthorized data access, data manipulation, or exposure of sensitive information.

Vulnerability Details

The vulnerability is triggered when malicious SQL queries are sent through the GetUserByEmployeeCode endpoint, exploiting inadequate input validation to manipulate database operations. Successful exploitation could lead to unauthorized data access.

Possible Effects

Attackers could exploit this vulnerability to:

  • Extract sensitive information from the database.
  • Manipulate or delete data.
  • Gain unauthorized access to the system.

Why Choose SecurityForEveryone

SecurityForEveryone provides comprehensive security solutions that include:

  • Advanced scanning technologies to detect vulnerabilities like SQL injection.
  • Comprehensive assessments and reports to guide mitigation strategies.
  • Continuous monitoring to safeguard against emerging threats.


  • SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet
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