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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in GN Publisher affects v. <1.5.6


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GN Publisher is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance publishing capabilities on websites, providing users with features to manage and display content more effectively. It is utilized by content creators, bloggers, and website administrators to organize posts, pages, and custom content types. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface for managing publication workflows, making it a popular choice for WordPress sites focused on delivering rich content to their audience. The vulnerability affects versions prior to 1.5.6, potentially exposing websites to security risks.

The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in the GN Publisher plugin before version 1.5.6 arises from insufficient input sanitization and output escaping, particularly via the tab parameter in the plugin's settings page. This flaw allows attackers to inject arbitrary JavaScript code into web pages, which can be executed in the browser of any user visiting the infected page. This vulnerability poses significant security risks, including the potential theft of session cookies or personal data.

The specific mechanism of the XSS vulnerability involves manipulating the URL parameter 'tab' in the settings page of the GN Publisher plugin. By embedding malicious JavaScript code into this parameter, an attacker can execute the script in the context of the administrator's session. This exploit relies on the lack of proper input validation and escaping of user-supplied data, making it possible to launch cross-site scripting attacks against unsuspecting users.

Exploiting this vulnerability could enable attackers to execute unauthorized actions on behalf of the user, steal sensitive information such as authentication credentials, and potentially compromise the entire WordPress site. The implications of such attacks include compromised user privacy, unauthorized access to site administrative functions, and a tarnished reputation for the website.

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