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CVE-2023-33629 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in H3C Magic R300-2100M Firmware affects version R300-2100MV100R004


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The H3C Magic R300-2100M is a networking device typically used in enterprise environments to provide secure and reliable connectivity. Its firmware version R300-2100MV100R004 is designed to support a wide range of functionalities, including routing, switching, and security features. The device plays a crucial role in managing network traffic, ensuring efficient data transmission, and securing network access within corporate and institutional networks. Its robust feature set makes it an integral component of modern IT infrastructures, supporting various applications and services.

CVE-2023-33629 details a high-severity vulnerability in the H3C Magic R300-2100M Firmware, specifically within the DeltriggerList interface at /goform/aspForm. This vulnerability is caused by a stack overflow issue, allowing for remote code execution. Exploiting this vulnerability could enable an attacker with high privileges to execute arbitrary code on the device. The flaw represents a significant security risk, as it could compromise the router's functionality, data integrity, and confidentiality.

The vulnerability is triggered through a crafted POST request to the /goform/aspForm endpoint. By manipulating the parameters of the DelL2tpLNSList command, an attacker can inject and execute shell commands on the device. This technique allows the attacker to bypass normal authentication mechanisms and execute commands with the same privileges as the device's operating system. The exploit's technical aspects highlight the importance of input validation and the potential consequences of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in embedded systems.

Successful exploitation of this RCE vulnerability could lead to unauthorized administrative access, allowing attackers to disrupt network operations, modify device configurations, exfiltrate sensitive information, or propagate malware within the network. In a worst-case scenario, this could result in a complete compromise of the network infrastructure, leading to significant operational, financial, and reputational damage for the affected organization.

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