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CVE-2022-46463 Scanner

Detects 'Unauthorized Access' vulnerability in Harbor affects versions up to and including 2.5.3


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Harbor is an open-source container image registry that secures images with policies and role-based access control, ensures images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities, and signs images as trusted. Developed by the Linux Foundation, Harbor is used by organizations to manage the storage and deployment of container images, providing a robust solution for container image storage in a secure and efficient manner. Harbor is widely adopted in various industries for its comprehensive security features, including vulnerability scanning, role-based access control, and image signing and verification. It facilitates the secure storage and deployment of container images, enhancing the overall security posture of containerized applications and infrastructure.

The unauthorized access vulnerability in Harbor versions up to and including 2.5.3 allows attackers to access both public and private image repositories without proper authentication. This security issue arises due to insufficient access control measures, making sensitive data stored within Harbor's repositories vulnerable to unauthorized access. Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to the exposure of proprietary or confidential information, including code, credentials, and other sensitive data contained in the container images. It represents a significant risk to organizations relying on Harbor for container image storage and management.

The vulnerability specifically affects Harbor's API endpoint /api/v2.0/search?q=/, which can be accessed without authentication in affected versions. This endpoint is intended to facilitate search functionality within Harbor's UI, but due to inadequate access controls, it can be exploited to list and retrieve information about repositories and projects, including those marked as private. The lack of proper authentication checks on this endpoint enables unauthorized users to gain insights into the structure and content of the container image repositories, posing a high risk to the confidentiality and integrity of the stored images.

Successful exploitation of the unauthorized access vulnerability in Harbor can have severe implications. Unauthorized users can gain access to private repositories, exposing sensitive and proprietary information contained within container images. This exposure could lead to intellectual property theft, security breaches, and potentially the compromise of applications deployed using these images. Moreover, the vulnerability undermines the trust in Harbor as a secure container image registry, affecting the security posture of organizations that rely on it for their containerized applications.

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