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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in HDW WordPress Video Gallery plugin for WordPress affects v. 1.2.


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The HDW WordPress Video Gallery plugin for WordPress is a popular and commonly used video gallery plugin. This plugin enables users to easily upload and display videos on their WordPress website. The plugin is designed to offer a seamless integration between the users’ videos and their website. With the HDW WordPress Video Gallery plugin, users have the ability to manage video content and create attractive galleries to showcase their collection of videos.

The CVE-2016-1000134 vulnerability was detected in the HDW WordPress Video Gallery plugin. This vulnerability is a reflected XSS or Cross-Site Scripting flaw that allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into the website and its users’ browsers. This flaw arises from the ability to execute JavaScript code in the context of a different domain. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to carry out a wide range of malicious activities such as stealing user credentials, performing phishing attacks and installing malware.

When the CVE-2016-1000134 vulnerability is exploited, it can cause a significant amount of damage to the affected website and its users. Cybercriminals can execute arbitrary code that can damage the website and lead to data loss. The personal and financial data of the website users can also be compromised, causing significant monetary and reputational loss to the website owner.'s pro features of their platform enables users to easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets. This platform scans the website for hundreds of vulnerabilities and provides detailed reports on any found vulnerabilities. The pro features of the platform enable users to receive alerts on new vulnerabilities discovered and offers helpful remediation guidance to keep websites protected. By signing up for the service, users get access to ongoing support, making it easy to keep their digital assets secure.



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