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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Helmet Store Showroom affects v. 1.0


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Helmet Store Showroom Site v1.0 is a web application designed for the demonstration or sale of helmets. It serves as an online platform for helmet stores, allowing them to showcase their products and facilitate sales. The site is primarily used by retailers and e-commerce sites specializing in helmets and related safety gear. It aims to provide a comprehensive online showroom experience, where customers can explore various helmet models, their features, and prices. This platform is particularly valuable for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to expand their reach and provide a user-friendly shopping experience to their customers.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in Helmet Store Showroom Site v1.0 allows attackers to bypass authentication mechanisms on the login page. This security flaw enables unauthorized access to the site's administration panel by injecting SQL queries into the username field of the login form. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can gain administrative access without valid credentials, posing a significant security risk. It represents a critical threat level due to the potential exposure of sensitive database information, including customer data, product details, and financial records.

The vulnerability exists due to inadequate input validation and parameterized query handling on the login page of the Helmet Store Showroom Site. Specifically, the username field in the Login.php file is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. By entering specially crafted SQL commands into this field, an attacker can manipulate the underlying SQL query to return true for any login attempt, effectively bypassing authentication. This flaw is particularly severe because it allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands, leading to unauthorized access, data leakage, or even database manipulation.

If exploited, this SQL Injection vulnerability could have severe repercussions for the Helmet Store Showroom Site and its users. Attackers could access sensitive information stored in the database, including personal and financial data of customers. The integrity of the site could be compromised, leading to the modification or deletion of crucial data. Additionally, this vulnerability could serve as a gateway for further attacks, endangering not only the Helmet Store Showroom but also its users. The breach of trust and potential legal implications could be devastating for the business's reputation and financial stability.

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