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CVE-2019-19134 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Hero Maps Premium plugin for WordPress affects v. 2.2.1 and prior.


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The Hero Maps Premium plugin is a popular tool utilized by WordPress users to display customized maps on their blogs, websites, or online stores. This plugin enables site owners to add pins, markers, and labels to their maps, allowing visitors to easily locate desired destinations. It is known for its user-friendly interface, customization options, and reliable performance. However, recent security concerns have emerged regarding this plugin.

CVE-2019-19134 is a serious vulnerability discovered in the Hero Maps Premium plugin. This vulnerability arises due to the plugin's inadequate input sanitation process. Specifically, when the plugin's views/dashboard/index.php p parameter is left unauthenticated, it is possible for an attacker to inject malicious HTML or JavaScript into the user's browser, resulting in theft of credential tokens or triggering of various attacks.

The CVE-2019-19134 vulnerability has the potential to have catastrophic consequences if exploited. Once an attacker successfully injects malicious code into the browser of an unsuspecting user, such code can carry out various nefarious activities. These activities include stealing login credentials, cookies, and other essential data. Attackers can also use XSS attacks to insert phishing pages, steal sensitive information, and modify webpage content.

In conclusion, it is crucial for WordPress users who utilize the Hero Maps Premium plugin to be aware of the CVE-2019-19134 vulnerability. By implementing the proper precautions outlined above, they can help protect their website against malicious attacks. As subscribers to the platform, readers can stay informed of the latest security vulnerabilities for their digital assets while taking proactive measures to secure their online presence.



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