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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Hero Maps Pro plugin for WordPress affects v. 2.1.0.


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Hero Maps Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create customized maps on their website with different markers, layers, and route options. It is a powerful tool as it lets website owners control the visual elements of their website's map feature easily. With this plugin, users can add their maps to posts, pages, and even widgets with a shortcode. It also offers various display options to make your map stand out, such as different styles, pin icons, sizes, and tooltip pop-ups. Another feature is the interactive filters that a viewer can use to change markers' visibility on the map.

CVE-2016-1000137 vulnerability was detected in this product. This vulnerability has been discovered in several WordPress plugins, and it means that hackers could potentially inject malicious code into a website and steal sensitive information, such as login credentials. As a result, the hacker could have complete control over the website's content, as it would be at their disposal.

This vulnerability can lead to devastating consequences, especially in terms of data loss and privacy breaches. If exploited, the hackers could gain access to personal data, financial information, and even intellectual property rights. It could damage the reputation of the company or individual whose website has been attacked and result in legal action being taken against them. Moreover, the website's ranking on search engines such as Google could be affected as their algorithms tend to penalize websites with security vulnerabilities.

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