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CVE-2022-43769 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in Hitachi Pentaho Business Analytics Server affects versions prior to and, including 8.3.x


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Hitachi Pentaho Business Analytics Server is a comprehensive platform for data integration and business analytics, allowing organizations to access, prepare, and analyze data from various sources. It is used by businesses to make data-driven decisions, offering capabilities for reporting, data mining, and predictive analytics. The platform is designed for scalability and integration with various data sources, making it a crucial tool for businesses seeking to leverage their data for strategic advantage. It provides an interactive environment for data visualization, enabling users to create insightful reports and dashboards. This vulnerability highlights the importance of secure configuration and the potential risks associated with complex data analytics platforms.

CVE-2022-43769 describes a severe remote code execution vulnerability within the Hitachi Pentaho Business Analytics Server. This flaw allows attackers to exploit server-side template injections, enabling them to execute arbitrary code without necessary credentials. The vulnerability stems from the server's failure to adequately sanitize input, particularly in web services that manage property values containing Spring templates. Such vulnerabilities are critical as they provide attackers the ability to perform unauthorized operations, access sensitive information, and potentially gain full control over the affected server.

The vulnerability is exploited through manipulating specific web service requests that handle property values. These requests do not properly sanitize user input, allowing attackers to inject malicious Spring templates. The injection can lead to arbitrary code execution on the server, posing a high security risk. The exploitation pathway involves sending crafted requests to the server, targeting the configuration of the LDAP tree node children via a vulnerable endpoint. This endpoint mishandles URL parameters, facilitating the server-side template injection.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have dire consequences, including unauthorized system access, data breach, and potential compromise of the entire server. Attackers could deploy malware, modify or delete sensitive data, create backdoors for persistent access, and disrupt business operations. The impact extends beyond the immediate security breach, potentially leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and regulatory compliance issues for affected organizations. The severity of the impact underscores the critical nature of this vulnerability within business-critical systems like the Hitachi Pentaho Business Analytics Server.

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