Hongdian Directory Traversal Vulnerability CVE-2021-28149 Scanner

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Hongdian Directory Traversal Vulnerability CVE-2021-28149 Scanner Detail

There is a directory traversal vulnerability in Hongdian Hongdian H8922 3.0.5 devices, which allow remote attackers to read arbitrary files.

Hongdian H8922 3.0.5 devices allow Directory Traversal. The /log_download.cgi log export handler does not validate user input and allows a remote attacker with minimal privileges to download any file from the device by substituting ../ (e.g., ../../etc/passwd) This can be carried out with a web browser by changing the file name accordingly. Upon visiting log_download.cgi?type=../../etc/passwd and logging in, the web server will allow a download of the contents of the /etc/passwd file.

Some Advice for Common Problems

  • You need to apply related fixes.
  • Sanitize all parameters received as input from the user.

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