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Detects 'Unauthenticated Admin Access' vulnerability in Horde Groupware affects v. 3.0.4.


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Horde Groupware is a popular open-source web application suite that provides users with a wide range of collaboration tools to improve their productivity. These tools include email, contacts, calendaring, task lists, notes, and file sharing. The Horde Groupware is designed to enable users to work collaboratively on shared projects and keep their communication centralized.

CVE-2005-3344 is a critical vulnerability that was detected in the Horde Groupware software version 3.0.4. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to gain unauthorized access to the administrative account, which has a blank password by default. This means that anyone with a basic knowledge of the system can exploit this vulnerability and gain complete control over the system.

Exploiting the CVE-2005-3344 vulnerability can lead to severe consequences, including data theft, data loss, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and even system-wide damage. This vulnerability can also enable attackers to install malware or other malicious software on the system, effectively compromising the overall security posture of the entire organization.

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