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CVE-2022-36553 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Command Execution' vulnerability in Hytec Inter HWL-2511-SS firmware affects v1.05 and below.


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The Hytec Inter HWL-2511-SS is a cellular router designed for industrial applications, offering robust connectivity solutions for devices in remote locations. This product facilitates secure and reliable data transmission between devices and networks, supporting a wide range of communication protocols. It is widely used in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and smart city projects, where stable and secure communication is critical. The router's firmware, specifically versions up to v1.05, contains a critical security vulnerability that could compromise the security of connected networks and devices.

CVE-2022-36553 is a critical remote command execution vulnerability found in the HWL-2511-SS's firmware. This flaw allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the device via the /www/cgi-bin/popen.cgi component. The vulnerability stems from insufficient input validation, enabling attackers to inject and execute malicious commands without any user interaction, leading to potential unauthorized access, data exfiltration, or disruption of operations.

The vulnerability is located in the popen.cgi script of the router's web interface, where the 'command' parameter does not properly sanitize user-supplied input. This oversight allows attackers to append malicious commands following legitimate ones, which the system then executes with root privileges. Successful exploitation provides attackers with the ability to perform actions such as modifying system configurations, accessing sensitive information, or establishing a backdoor for persistent access.

Exploiting this RCE vulnerability could have severe consequences, including complete system compromise, unauthorized access to sensitive information, disruption of critical industrial processes, and potential spread of malware across the network. The impact extends beyond the compromised device, potentially affecting the entire network infrastructure connected to the vulnerable router.

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