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Detects 'Java Deserialization' vulnerability in IBM Operational Decision Manager affects v. 8.10.3, 8.10.4,, 8.11,,


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IBM Operational Decision Manager is a business rule management system that allows businesses to define, automate, and deploy decision logic. It is widely used by enterprises to improve operational efficiency and decision-making processes. IBM Operational Decision Manager provides a comprehensive platform for modeling, simulating, testing, and deploying business rules and events in a production environment, enabling organizations to quickly respond to changing business requirements and market conditions.

The vulnerability detected in IBM Operational Decision Manager versions 8.10.3 through is a Java deserialization flaw. This vulnerability allows a remote authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system by sending specially crafted requests. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to the execution of arbitrary code in the context of the SYSTEM user, posing a significant security risk to affected systems.

The vulnerability resides in the '/res/login.jsf' endpoint of IBM Operational Decision Manager, where it fails to properly handle deserialized Java objects. By crafting a specially crafted request with a malicious Java gadget, an attacker can trigger the deserialization of untrusted data, leading to remote code execution. The vulnerable parameter 'javax.faces.ViewState' is exploited to inject the malicious gadget, allowing the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target system.

Exploiting this vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target system, potentially leading to complete compromise of the affected environment. Attackers can gain unauthorized access, manipulate sensitive data, disrupt business operations, and launch further attacks against other systems or networks. The exploitation of this vulnerability poses a significant risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the affected systems and data.

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