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CVE-2024-22319 Scanner

Detects 'JNDI Injection' vulnerability in IBM Operational Decision Manager affects v. 8.10.3, 8.10.4,, 8.11,, and


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CVE-2024-22319 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

IBM Operational Decision Manager versions 8.10.3 to contain a JNDI injection flaw that arises when unchecked arguments are passed to a specific API. This vulnerability exposes the system to remote attackers who can exploit it to execute arbitrary code.

Vulnerability Details

The vulnerability specifically affects the decisioncenter-api/v1/about endpoint, where an unchecked datasource parameter can lead to JNDI injection. Exploiting this flaw requires crafting a malicious URL that, when processed by the IBM ODM server, triggers the JNDI injection and potentially leads to remote code execution.

Possible Effects

  • Unauthorized execution of arbitrary code on the server.
  • Potential compromise of the IBM ODM server and associated data.
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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  • IBM Security Advisory
  • NVD - CVE-2024-22319
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