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Detects 'Java Deserialization (Remote Code Execution)' vulnerability in IBM WebSphere affects v. Tivoli Common Reporting from 2.1 through


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IBM WebSphere is a software platform that is widely used for enterprise-level Java applications. The platform is designed to help businesses achieve higher levels of operational efficiency through enhanced performance, scalability, and availability of their digital assets. IBM WebSphere is capable of integrating different types of applications, databases, and messaging systems, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

One of the vulnerabilities detected in IBM WebSphere is the CVE-2015-7450. This vulnerability is related to Java deserialization, which allows hackers to execute arbitrary code remotely. The vulnerability can be exploited through certain serialized-object interfaces found in various IBM products, including analytics, cognitive, and mobile and social solutions. The InvokerTransformer class in the Apache Commons Collections library is specifically targeted by this vulnerability.

When exploited, the CVE-2015-7450 vulnerability can lead to remote code execution, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code on the user's system. This can lead to the loss of sensitive data, unauthorized access to systems, and other serious security breaches. The effects of this vulnerability can be particularly devastating for businesses that rely on IBM WebSphere to manage their digital assets.

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