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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Port Scanner

Use this service if you want to see scan all ics ports. If changes are made regularly on the server, it is a great advantage to use full port tcp scan.


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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Port Scanner Detail

What is ICS?

Industrial control systems are abbreviated as ICS. It encompasses a variety of information systems and technologies, including data-based control and surveillance systems (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) (PLC). ICS is used in industries such as power generation, water, oil, gas and data. The primary function of ICS is to manage and control industrial operations.

What are ICS attack vectors?

In general, there are two main attack vectors for ICS. Through external networks, cybercriminals can gain access to industrial infrastructure. Alternatively, the ICS domain can be directly infiltrated by taking advantage of an employee's irresponsibility or by paying an insider. There are four possible factors causing an event in the ICS environment.

  • Using old version operating systems.
  • APT groups working for a country.
  • Logical errors and misconfigurations in the ICS software, hardware or network.
  • A disgruntled employee or an insider threat paid to steal data or sabotage the system.

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