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Identity Server V3 Scanner

This scanner identifies instances of Identity Server V3, a popular open-source framework for implementing authentication and authorization solutions. Detecting Identity Server V3 helps organizations ensure that their identity management systems are properly configured and secure.


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Vulnerability Overview

Identity Server V3 provides a flexible and extensible framework for managing user identities, authentication, and authorization. While not a vulnerability itself, improperly configured instances can expose sensitive information and provide attack vectors for unauthorized access.

Vulnerability Details

The scanner searches for specific HTML elements and metadata that are unique to Identity Server V3, such as the presence of specific text like "IdentityServer v3" and links to its documentation on "". A successful match indicates the presence of Identity Server V3 technology.

Possible Effects

An exposed or misconfigured Identity Server V3 instance could lead to security risks, including unauthorized access to applications, data breaches, and compromise of user credentials. It is crucial to secure these instances to protect sensitive data and maintain trust.

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