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Detects 'Credential Disclosure' vulnerability in ifw8 Router ROM affects v. 4.31.


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The ifw8 Router ROM is a firmware used in routers to enable network connectivity and provide a user interface for router configuration. This firmware is typically utilized by individuals and businesses to set up and manage their internet connection. The ifw8 Router ROM v4.31, however, has a vulnerability that has been identified as CVE-2019-16313. 

This vulnerability allows an attacker to obtain user credentials by reading the action/usermanager.htm HTML source code. Upon exploiting this flaw, unauthorized users can gain access to the router’s configuration settings and sensitive user information. 

In particular, this vulnerability can lead to the theft of valuable data, compromise of personal and business networks, and unauthorized modification of router settings. The consequences of such an attack may include denial of services, network hijacking, rampant phishing attacks, and other cybercrimes that could result in substantial business losses. 

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