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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in ILIAS affects v. before 7.16.


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ILIAS, which stands for Integrated Learning, Information, and Collaboration System, is a powerful open-source learning management system that provides a platform for creating and delivering e-Learning content. It is a comprehensive solution that offers a range of features, including course management, user management, content management, assessment, and communication tools. It is widely used in schools, universities, and other educational institutions globally, with more than 7 million users.

Recently, a critical vulnerability was detected in this product, identified as CVE-2022-45917. This Open Redirect vulnerability affects ILIAS versions earlier than 7.16. It allows attackers to hijack user sessions and redirect them to malicious websites, resulting in fraudulent activities such as phishing and malware distribution.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to a significant security breach, compromising sensitive information such as personal data and financial information. It can also give attackers unauthorized access to the system, allowing them to install malware, exfiltrate data, and disrupt the normal functioning of the platform. is a platform that provides reliable and detailed information about vulnerabilities and threats affecting digital assets. By subscribing to their pro features, users can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their ILIAS installations, as well as other digital assets. With, users can get informed about the latest security threats, stay ahead of attackers, and secure their systems against malicious activities.



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