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CVE-2018-20608 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in Imcat affects v. 4.4.


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Imcat is an open-source image and category management content system that can be used to manage websites and online portfolios. It allows users to create and manage different categories such as articles, pictures, and files. This platform offers various features, including a powerful search engine, image manipulation, and a user-friendly interface.

Recently, a vulnerability has been detected in Imcat that can compromise its security. The vulnerability code CVE-2018-20608 allows remote attackers to read PHPinfo output through the root/tools/adbug/binfo.php?phpinfo1 URI. This vulnerability can lead to the disclosure of sensitive information, including server settings, PHP versions, and modules installed, which can provide hackers with valuable information to launch attacks.

When exploited, this vulnerability can allow attackers to get hold of sensitive data, launch further attacks from the server, or increase their privileges on the system. Overall, this vulnerability can cause severe damage to an organization's reputation and financial loss due to data breaches.

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