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CVE-2020-24148 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side-Request-Forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in Import XML and RSS Feeds plugin for WordPress affects v. 2.0.1.


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CVE-2020-24148 Scanner Detail

The Import XML and RSS Feeds plugin is a tool used by WordPress users to import and sync RSS feeds with their WordPress sites. It is a valuable tool for website administrators who want to automate their content creation process or quickly add new content to their website. This plugin’s version 2.0.1, however, has been found to have a vulnerability with a CVE-2020-24148 code.

The CVE-2020-24148 vulnerability in the Import XML and RSS Feeds plugin allows attackers to forge server-side requests, also known as SSRF. This vulnerability can be exploited by hackers with malicious intent, who can use it to send requests from the web application to another external or internal server, which is unreachable or restricted by a firewall. If an attacker uses this vulnerability to exploit the plugin, they can potentially launch further attacks such as remote code execution, information disclosure, and system compromise.

If left unaddressed, the CVE-2020-24148 vulnerability found in the Import XML and RSS Feeds plugin can lead to significant and disruptive consequences. It poses a significant security risk to website administrators, as well as to their audiences visiting the website. Exploitation of the vulnerability can cause website downtime, data breaches, malware infection, and stolen credentials, and the attacker might use the hijacked website channels for further attacks.

In summary, it’s critical to ensure that plugins installed on your WordPress site are secure and updated. Thanks to the pro features of, users can quickly and easily identify security weaknesses in their digital assets, including WordPress sites. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities present on websites, including identification of CVE codes and specific steps to mitigate the risks. Using reliable sources and tools like will help keep your WordPress site safe from potential vulnerabilities.



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