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CVE-2021-40661 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals affects v. Build 8.0.07 March 19, 2018 (SS Label 'IND780_8.0.07'), Version 7.2.10 June 18, 2012 (SS Label 'IND780_7.2.10').


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CVE-2021-40661 Scanner Detail

The IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals are a type of industrial weighing scale that is used in various industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. These terminals are designed to provide accurate and reliable weight measurements for large, heavy objects such as boxes, pallets, and containers. The IND780 is equipped with a web interface that allows users to monitor and control the weighing process remotely.

Recently, a critical vulnerability was identified in the IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals, labeled as CVE-2021-40661. This vulnerability is a remote, unauthenticated, directory traversal flaw that can be exploited using the 'webpage' parameter in AutoCE.ini. Attackers can use this vulnerability to access files stored on the affected system, giving them the ability to perform further reconnaissance and potentially launch more sophisticated attacks against the targeted infrastructure.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to serious consequences, including data theft, system compromise, and loss of confidentiality. Attackers can leverage the information obtained from the directory traversal to identify weak points and vulnerabilities within the system, which they can exploit to gain access to sensitive data or disrupt business operations. This is a significant risk for industries that rely on the IND780 terminals for critical operations.

In conclusion, vulnerabilities like CVE-2021-40661 pose a serious threat to the security and reliability of industrial systems like IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals. By taking the necessary precautions, users can prevent their systems from falling victim to cyber-attacks. With the help of pro features offered by the platform, users can stay informed about the latest vulnerabilities and secure their digital assets quickly and easily.



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